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"That relationship you build is really respected"
"They're amazing people to work for"
"It's an incredibly rewarding job"
"They help you when you need support"

Why Work In Care?

We are all different people, and we all enjoy different experiences. If you like bringing a smile to someone’s face, if you like stories from the past, if you like drinking tea and listening to someone reminisce, and if you like seeing someone’s face light up when they hear your footsteps on the garden path, then a career in care may be just your cup of tea. Many jobs are unrewarding and unfulfilling, they don’t give you a warm glow of satisfaction by the end of the day. Working in care does. Working as a care companion with Ashwell Home Care Services certainly does. Working in care fills each day with a sense of achievement.

Care Vacancies

The care industry is one of the few industries where you can work your way up without having to put yourself in debt to gain a degree. Many professionals working at management level in care, started off as carers, the sky’s the limit! At Ashwell Home Care Services, we always support our staff in their desire to gain further qualifications and improve their knowledge and career prospects.

£300 signing on bonus to the jobs in Malvern and Upton

What’s it Like?

We asked some of our amazing care companions what their day was like, read on to find out what your working day could be like … We know that coming into care can seem daunting, but you will be amazing, and the whole team at Ashwell Home Care Services will be beside you every step of the way in your new career. Come and join us today.

Flexible Friendly & Rewarding!

The care industry is also one of the most flexible industries to work in. Most jobs require you to fit around the business hours, but because care is a 24/7 industry, you can work, when you want to. Whether you need to fit around your family, your hobbies, or even another job, the care industry is here for you. If you can only work a few hours a week, or you need to be done by 2.30 pm to fetch your children from school, or need to work weekends, we can help. Many employers simply can’t be flexible, you must work when they want you to. Not us.

If you want a rewarding job, that leaves you with a feeling of satisfaction at the end of the day, a job that can fit around your life, and that you can progress in, if you wish, then come and talk to us. Come and join our care team at Ashwell Home Care Services.


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