Quality, Respect, Dignity, Equality & Diversity

At Ashwell Home Care Services, we pride ourselves on being a fully inclusive provider of care and support to all members of the community in a non-judgmental, fair and respectful way. We understand that discussing subjects which may be very personal or intimate can be hard and that sharing information may be a big step for you to take. We would like to reassure you that we take our role in caring and supporting you as a privilege and that we can work together to address any apprehensions or concerns you may have in order that we can work as a partnership to make a real difference to you.

We aim to offer LGBTQ friendly care and support, we pride ourselves in being open and honest and we want to create an environment where you can be celebrated and feel you can be your beautiful, authentic selves with us.

We believe that the care people should receive when they are potentially at their most vulnerable should be non-judgmental, non-discriminatory and you should not settle for mediocre care but instead it should be high quality, inclusive, respectful, informed, caring, safe, effective and well-led in order to provide a leading example to other providers in the sector.

Quality, Respect, Dignity, Equality and Diversity are at the very core of our organization’s values and we only recruit people who have demonstrated to us that they hold the same values and beliefs as we do. Our staff will undergo comprehensive equality and diversity training, particularly focusing on the needs of the LGBTQ community. We are aware that everyone’s needs are individual and unique to them, which is why we offer a tailored, bespoke care package only after we have undertaken a full review of your care needs and once this has been discussed and agreed with you.