Welcome to Ashwell Home Care Services

We are an independent family owned and run business in Malvern, Worcestershire. Owners Debbie & Philip Ashwell collectively have over 60 years’ experience working with people in the care and customer service sector and have first-hand knowledge of how the right support can enhance the quality of people’s lives.

We are an award-winning care agency providing care and support to those who wish to remain independent in their own home. We recognise that everybody’s needs are different and offer a wide variety of services which include:


A Personal Experience

As a family we have personal experience of our loved ones receiving care which, at best could be described as mediocre and which didn’t recognise the importance of how receiving care can affect a person’s outlook & quality of life.

We recognise that staying in your own home is so important and that, at times you may feel isolated and lonely. Acknowledging and making the decision to receive care is not an easy thing, and inviting people into your home to assist you is something you may never have thought you’d need to do. But at Ashwell Home Care Services we will offer all the support and guidance you and your loved ones need to help you make this decision.

Why Choose us?

Ashwell Home Care Services was founded from a desire to provide a level of care which transforms the way in which care is delivered in the community; care that is tailored to your individual needs & delivered in a way that you want, when you want and in a way that recognises you as a person and treats you in the way that you expect and deserve: with dignity and respect…

Quality Guaranteed

At Ashwell Home Care Services we have a mission and that mission is to change the way that people who receive care and support are treated, we want to let people know that accepting mediocre or ‘of an average standard’ care is not an option and that they deserve high quality care from a high quality agency who only employs high quality people …

Recognising Your Needs

We recognise that every person is individual and not everyone’s needs are the same; that’s why we offer a wide variety of bespoke services, tailor-made to meet your individual, specific needs. Ashwell Home Care Services are here to promote your independence and not to take it away, so we will encourage you to do as much as you are able to by yourself…

No Cost Obligation

We begin with a “no cost, no obligation” visit to discuss and assess the needs and concerns of each individual. Together we can create a bespoke care plan which focuses on your needs, wishes and preferences. Once any questions or concerns have been addressed, and you are happy to proceed, our journey together can then begin.