Personal Care Services

Personal Care can mean different things to different people, whether it be assistance with washing, bathing and dressing, support with toileting and continence, oral care, help with getting into and out of bed. These can be very sensitive issues and we appreciate that which is why our Care Companions are trained to offer assistance in a dignified, respectful and compassionate manner. We recognise that trust must be gained on both sides to ensure that care is delivered in a way which is truly person centred which is why we aim to keep the Care Companions we send to you to a minimum. This will ensure that you are comfortable with and confident in the people who support you.

Our Care Companions can help with personal care in many ways, from simply being there to provide reassurance whilst you get in and out of the shower or bath, through to supporting people who have complex needs and may require assistance several times per day. We will ensure our services support the aspirations, goals and priorities of each person and will focus on what people can or would like to do to maintain their independence rather than highlighting what they are unable to do. Our Care Companions can assist with monitoring blood sugars, catheter care, support stockings and many other aspects of personal care.

We will work closely with community nurses and other external agencies to ensure that you are supported in a holistic way which really puts you at the centre of your care and support needs and which promotes your independence.

We will ensure that your support needs are reviewed regularly so that as your needs change your package of care can be adapted to reflect these. We will contact you regularly to make sure that you are happy with the service you are receiving and will encourage feedback and ideas that you may have to help us to improve our care delivery.