Meal Services

Ashwell Home Care Services recognises the vital part that a balanced diet plays in your overall health and well-being. It can become so easy not to eat at the right times or eat the right things because it has become more difficult to do this for yourself and all too often meals are missed and drinking the required daily amount of fluids does not happen. Maintaining a balanced diet and taking the right amounts of fluids means that infections, hospital admissions and calls to the GP can be easily avoided.

It is important that we fully understand your choices and preferences around food, including any allergies and cultural or religious beliefs to ensure that you eat a diet which is balanced, and which recognises the fact that our tastes change throughout our lives. 

Our Care Companions will actively encourage you to prepare meals with them, unless you prefer for them to do this for you and keep you company whilst you eat if you would like them to.

We understand that many happy memories are made at mealtimes and can also see how living on your own could lead you to not enjoying mealtimes as much if you don’t have someone to share the experience with.

Enjoying a nourishing meal every day is an essential part of staying fit and healthy, especially as we grow older or unable to cook for ourselves. At Ashwell Home Care Services all of our Care Companions are trained in food hygiene and infection control.

We can also provide you with details of where you can purchase professionally designed ready meals to suit all appetites and which are delivered free.

If you would like us to, we can help you with your shopping to ensure that you are able to have all the ingredients to hand for a nutritional and well-balanced diet, why not make this a part of your weekly routine?