November 12, 2020

What makes great home care? Great staff!

by Stew Flavell in Uncategorized

What makes great care? Great staff!

The single most important element of providing first class care is choosing good staff. Our care companions are hand-picked to suit you. Which is why we interview over 100 people to employ just 15. So that when you come to us wanting a care companion for your mum, we know that the individual that we offer will be just the right fit.

You only have to open a newspaper or turn on the news to see how undervalued carers are, their low rates of pay are common knowledge. As a sector of the workforce they are continually underpaid and underappreciated. Yet their value far outweighs that of many other industries. What other sector gives people love, support and comfort in their final years? Who else is expected to deal with the sadness and rawness of the end of life, with little support? Every single one of the 1.5 million people who work in care deserves recognition and reward.

At Ashwell Home Care Services, we can’t make sure that every single person in the care industry feels supported and valued, but we can ensure that our own staff do. We understand that when people feel valued, they work harder. When they are not stressed about money they work harder. When they are not panicking about their zero hours contract, and trying to gain finance, they work harder. People who feel happy, are less stressed and more productive. And if you have someone spending time with you in your house, wouldn’t it be nicer if they were happy? You don’t want to be looked after by someone who is worrying about money for the whole of their shift or trying to work two jobs to make ends meet.

We treat our employees with the respect they deserve for doing a brilliant job. But equally we understand that sometimes the job can be overwhelming, some days can be emotional and heart-wrenchingly sad. To this end we offer all our staff 24-hour access to counsellors. After all, who cares for the people who care?

So, when you are choosing care packages for your loved ones, come to Ashwell Home Care Services, where you can be reassured that your care companion has been carefully chosen. You know that because they are supported and appreciated, they will be able to be their very best. Afterall don’t your loved ones deserve the best care possible? To have an informal discussion with us about your care needs, call Ashwell Home Care Services today on 01684778750.

If you are interested in a fresh challenge where you can make a real difference to people’s lives and would like to work with us to transform the way care is delivered in the local community then please visit our careers page.