July 9, 2021

The tragedy of loneliness – Loneliness Awareness Week

by Stew Flavell in Uncategorized

The tragedy of loneliness…

Loneliness is a silent sadness. It is estimated that 13% of people over the age of 65 are lonely all or most of the time. This figure has stayed roughly the same since the 1940s, but with people living for longer, this is a growing problem. Loneliness Awareness Week takes place on the 14th of June.

Many of the people who come to us for care, report loneliness as a major factor in their lives, but using a care companion can help to remedy this. At Ashwell Home Care Services we ensure that our care companions have enough time in their schedule for a cup of tea and a chat. We understand that it is not simply the mechanics of having assistance in your daily life that are important, but the emotional benefit.

Never underestimate the power of companionship. Even knowing that your care companion will be around later on that afternoon, can transform your day. Struggling with everyday tasks can in itself be lonely, especially if they were things you used to do with a partner, who has passed away. Having a care companion to take you to the shops, or help you with the laundry can make an incredible difference.

Loneliness can be difficult to combat as it can creep into your life. Many people are happy in their own company for much of the day but can find it difficult as their mobility decreases. Many of the activities that remedy loneliness, such as popping into the local shop, having a cup of tea with a friend, enjoying a phone call with a loved one, are no longer possible with old age. If your mobility is restricted walking to the shop can become too difficult. Often your friends are the same age and can themselves struggle with their health making meeting up a massive undertaking. Our hearing can decline in old age, making phone conversations an ordeal rather than a pleasure.

Many people are very independent, they don’t want to ask their family to come around for company. They appreciate that their adult children have careers, and young families and their time is limited. They don’t want to be a burden. A care companion could be the answer. Our care companions provide support and companionship for older people. This ongoing relationship can help to combat the loneliness of old age. If you would like to have an impartial, informative conversation about the care services that we provide and how they might help you or a loved one, contact us today. Our friendly and experienced team is only a phone call away. Call Ashwell Home Care Services on 01684 778750.