Quality Of Care

The definition of the word ‘Quality’ is ‘the standard of something when it is compared to other things like it’ and ‘of a high standard’. At Ashwell Home Care Services we have a Vision to transform the way care is delivered, we want to let people know that accepting mediocre or ‘of an average standard’ care is not an option and that they deserve high quality care from a high quality agency who only employs high quality people. We are not afraid to stick our head above the parapets and say that the care you receive from us will be of a high, not average, standard. Indeed, our approach to care has led us to be recognised as one of the Top 20 Home Care Providers in the West Midlands, according to homecare.co.uk.

The independent regulator of health and adult social care in England is called the Care Quality Commission. You will see that that the word quality is in their title and that their purpose is to ‘make sure that health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care’. A little-known fact is that fewer than 5% of the health and social care services that they regulate are rated as outstanding, which tells us that approximately only 5 out of every 100 providers is rated at the highest level which a provider can attain.

We do not feel that statistic is in any way fair to the people who are in receipt of care services and are not prepared to just be good but we want to be outstanding, not only do we want to be outstanding but we want to deliver the message that there is no compromise when it comes to care. What we deserve as we enter our older years is the right to high quality care from a social care system which values people, which believes in people, which recognises and respects people’s differences and which should not depend on which postcode you live in.

Our message is simple – we are an independent, family owned and run company with deep rooted values, beliefs and a passion about how people should be looked after when they need to be. We are proud to associate our name with our business and to challenge how people think of care. We are here to make a real difference both to the lives of the Family Members we care for and to the Care Companions that work for us.