Overnight Sitting and Respite Services

Care and support needs do not stop at the end of the normal working day. Whatever the reasons may be, you may find that you need someone to stay with you overnight to support you. It may be that you have recently left hospital and need someone to call on through the night if needed or it may be that you are having a period of time where you don’t feel comfortable being on your own at night. You may be living with family who are planning a holiday and need someone to be available to provide in home respite care, whilst they are away. During the night if there is no-one on hand to act quickly this potentially could lead to a challenging or emergency situation, peace of mind is gained from knowing that assistance is on hand when situations arise. 

Overnight care can be the difference between an individual staying in their own home as opposed to entering a residential home. Whatever the reason for needing overnight care our Care Companions can be there to support you and to reassure you that you are not alone.

The term Respite Break simply means taking a temporary break from the role of caring. If you are caring and supporting a partner, spouse or family member you may often feel overwhelmed both physically and/or emotionally. Ashwell Home Care Services recognizes the crucial role that you provide and also the fact that you need a rest now and then from your caring role, even when you go to bed you may feel like you are sleeping with one eye or ear open in case you are needed throughout the night. If you aren’t getting much sleep or it is interrupted sleep you might get very tired, having some time to yourself and respite breaks can help you to relax and feel better. We are able to provide Care Companions to provide in home respite care on either a one off or regular basis for as long as you need so whether you need time to take the dog for a walk, have a sleep, do the weekly shopping or want to plan a day out you can do this knowing that your loved one is being cared for in your absence.

In Home Respite Care and Overnight Care

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