May 28, 2021

My mum is worried about having someone in her house…

by Stew Flavell in Uncategorized

My mum is worried about having someone in her house…

This is one of the things we often hear. Many people ring us for advice as they are having difficulty broaching the subject of care with their parents. When you are elderly you feel more vulnerable, you can’t move quickly, you are aware that your senses and reactions are not as sharp as they once were. Letting a stranger into your house is a big deal and is often a barrier for the elderly to receive the care that they sorely need.

When you come to Ashwell Home Care Services we are experienced in overcoming these hurdles. We have had these uncomfortable conversations with our own parents as well as many clients. We can advise you on the best way to tackle the subject as well as reassuring you during this stressful time.

It is a big step to let someone into your house, which is why we handpick our care companions. We only employ people that we would feel happy caring for our own parents. So if we wouldn’t be happy with them in our parents’ houses we certainly wouldn’t send them to yours! This rule means that we interview around 10 people for every single care companion that we employ. So you can be confident that we have thoroughly interviewed them and ascertained that they are everything you would expect of an Ashwell Home Care Services employee.

We also understand that everyone has personal preferences and we always try and cater to this. We aim to match care companions to clients as a good fit. Care is personal, it requires trust and compassion. It is a two-way relationship that works best when that relationship is a good one. Sometimes you might not get on with the care companion that we have selected for you. There may be nothing wrong with them or the job that they do, but it is your home and you are allowed to choose who to invite inside. If you do not like your care companion for whatever reason (maybe they remind you are a very scary teacher from your childhood!) simply talk to us. We are here to help you.

Our aim is that you look forward to your care companion’s visits, that you enjoy the time they spend with you, whatever you are doing. Whether you are venturing down the shops or enjoying a soothing bath. That is your time and we want you to enjoy it. If you are considering whether a care companion might be of benefit to yourself or your family member, why not contact us for an informal conversation today on 01684 778750.