November 12, 2020

Home is Where the Memories Are – More than Bricks & Mortar

by Stew Flavell in Uncategorized

Helping Your Loved One to Stay at Home for As Long as Possible

Houses are built of bricks and mortar, but homes are built of memories, and the small moments of wonder in the everyday. As we grow older more of our pleasure is seeped into the memories of our past, of our homes and our families. The significance of our morning coffee in a mug painted with puffins, is personal to us. The mere act of holding the mug enough to invoke the smell of the sea, and the laughter of our loved ones.

Old age can be cruel, it can rob us of our independence, our energy, our abilities, but it doesn’t have to rob us of our homes. With Ashwell Home Care Services, we can help your loved one to stay at home for as long as possible. Our flexible care can grow with changing demand, so from maybe an initial weekly help with the shopping, right through to end of life care in a familiar environment, we can be with you every step of the way.

You may be concerned that the only solution to your situation is to put your loved one into a care home, but in fact the statistics paint a different picture: “Approximately 418,000 people live in care homes (Laing and Buisson survey 2016). This is 4% of the total population aged 65 years and over, rising to 15% of those aged 85 or more.” This shows quite how many people are remaining in their own homes.

And it is proven that remaining at home rather than going into a care home, can be emotionally and mentally beneficial for the elderly. They can find it difficult to move into a new environment and can be confused by losing their everyday points of reference. Using our Care Companions allows people to remain in their familiar surroundings, with support and compassion. At home they can continue to make choices about their meals, their bedtimes, even what they want to watch on the television. They can sit in their own armchair with their cat on their lap, rather than be subjected to a strict schedule of mealtimes and bedtimes.

We know that these conversations can be difficult, but old age is inevitable. We are here to help you enjoy the best of times with your loved ones, and help them to stay in their own homes, with their memories. Call us today at Ashwell Home Care Services on 01684 778750