July 29, 2021

Do you have time for tea? We do! Afternoon Tea Week 2021

by Stew Flavell in Uncategorized

Do you have time for tea? We do!

We understand that rituals and routines are so important to us all. When we create our tailor-made care packages, we make sure that we understand all the rituals that are important to your loved one. If afternoon tea is one of the highlights of their day, we make sure that it is included in their care. Maybe they struggle with preparing the tea, we can help. Maybe they just need the companionship of taking afternoon tea with another person, we can help. Afternoon Tea Week runs from the 9th – 15th August and celebrates the importance of tea! We love a cup of tea, and more than that we love enabling our clients to enjoy one too.

Old age can be difficult, whether you are struggling physically or mentally, our care companions can help. Because we understand the importance of human interaction, we make sure that our schedules are always designed with time for a cup of tea. For many clients, the time they spend with their care companion will be the only contact they will have during the day. We want to make sure that we give them time, time for a conversation, time for a cup of tea, time to chat.

There are too many horror stories of home care staff rushing through appointments with not enough time to deliver care. Many of them will be unpaid between jobs, leaving them stressed and undervalued. At Ashwell Home Care Services we value our care companions. We know that the job they do is vitally important, not only to their clients but to society. We pay our care companions for the travel time between their clients, we make sure that we don’t skimp on the time allocation for care. We make sure that they never feel rushed, that they always feel that they have time to spend with the client.

If you are looking for care with a difference, speak to us. If you are seeking support for a loved one, whether they need help with personal care, or simply someone to sit with them and enjoy afternoon tea, we can help. Our home care services cover Malvern and surrounding rural areas and extend into Worcester. We are here to answer all your questions, so why not call our friendly team today? For help and advice simply call Ashwell Home Care Services on 01684 778750.