September 22, 2021

Celebrating Homecare – 22nd September

by Stew Flavell in Uncategorized

Celebrating Homecare

Celebrating Homecare takes place on the 22nd of September and is a celebration of the work done by the wonderful carers across the country. Carers have long been unsung heroes, but during the pandemic, the work done by carers has become more noticed by the general public. The theme for this year’s celebration is “made with care” and encourages people to share the amazing things they have made or created with carers. Whether it is a plate of biscuits or a hand-made card to send to a loved one, everything that is created is not only “made with care” but also made with love.

We know how vitally important the work done by carers is across the country. At Ashwell Home Care Services, we know that the time spent with our clients is also incredibly important. This is why we call our carers, Care Companions, to highlight the time spent with our clients. “Man cannot live on bread alone” and the elderly don’t just need help with daily tasks, but also companionship. Companionship can take many forms but spending time doing an activity with someone else is hugely enjoyable. Whether it is cooking a meal together, playing a game, taking someone to the wool shop to buy some new wool, our Care Companions are here to help.

Anything that engages our brains will help us. A craft activity, a project, will give us focus, a sense of purpose, it will keep us occupied and fulfilled. When we, at Ashwell Home Care Services, plan the day for our Care Companions we always allow time. Time for a chat, time for a cuppa, time for companionship. Care isn’t just helping with the physical tasks of daily life, care is; laughing, talking, engaging, interacting, being, giggling. Care is so much more.

We take great pride in the amazing work done by our care staff every day. We value, respect, and appreciate our Care Companions. We have Care Companions working across Malvern and the surrounding countryside, as well as in North Worcester and the St John’s District of Worcester. If you think care should be about more than just the physical task of daily life, you could be our sort of person! If you love the idea of “made with care”, if you love the idea of bringing a smile to someone’s face, and companionship to their day, speak to us. We are always looking for kind, compassionate people who want to make the world a little better. Call our friendly Head Office team today on 01684 778750.