June 4, 2021

Are you, or do you know, an unpaid carer?

by Stew Flavell in Uncategorized

Are you, or do you know, an unpaid carer?

The week beginning the 7th of June is National Carers Week. It is designed to draw attention to the work done by legions of unpaid carers up and down the country. Many people don’t realise they are carers, instead viewing their actions as simply “what is done.” But it is vital to all our health, both mental and physical that we acknowledge the work done by carers both paid and unpaid.

Many elderly people require extra care. Whether it is help with the shopping, or getting dressed in the morning, what can seem like just “helping out”, is actually care. Our care companions are trained to deliver care for a variety of needs, and they spend their days doing so. Many people are struggling to fit in caring for elderly relatives around their own commitments.

Some people struggle with asking for help. They feel that should be able to do everything themselves. But we can’t. Certainly not without potentially causing ourselves harm. Those people who do rush around looking after everyone else, often do so at the expense of their own health. Early intervention and asking for support can help prevent burnout. Our care companions can go to your elderly relative and provide support for them in their daily lives. This is not a failure on your part, this is accessing the correct support.

Relatives are often relieved when they ask for help. Suddenly you can regain the time you had spent rushing around doing chores for your relatives. Many people comment that it improves their relationship with their elderly relatives, as the time previously spent doing jobs, can now be spent together, having tea, doing a jigsaw. This benefit then flows through the rest of your life, as you can rebalance your load.

Many people assume they can’t afford care, but there is financial support available. Don’t assume you don’t qualify for financial aid, speak to us. We have many years of experience in the care sector and can advise you on the support you may be entitled to. Equally, if you do go down the private route, our care is flexible to your needs. You won’t find yourself paying for more than you need, if your elderly relative only needs a few hours a week we can provide that. If they need 24-hour care we can provide that. If their needs change suddenly, we can adapt our offerings accordingly. With Ashwell Home Care Services you only pay for the care that you need, and the care that your receive.

If you are struggling to care for your elderly relative, remember you are not alone. We are just on the other end of the phone with compassionate, considered advice. Don’t suffer in silence, call Ashwell Home Care Services today on 01684 778750.